Find out the benefits of shared ownership

If ever there was a time in your life to live well, it’s now. Shared ownership at Bankhouse gives you that financial freedom. What could be better than knowing that a worry-free shared ownership agreement at Bankhouse helps free up your equity? You may wish to gift something to a loved one or keep some aside for your future care needs and to live well. With a variety of shared ownership agreements to choose from, you and your family will have true peace of mind.

Shared ownership and charges
We’ll provide you with a clear and detailed breakdown on the costs associated with living at Bankhouse. Let us show you how shared ownership would work for you. Make an appointment with one of our friendly team members and we’d be happy to discuss all the details with you.


How does shared ownership work?

You can purchase up to a 75% share in a Bankhouse apartment, with the remaining 25% share retained by One Housing Group, but with the added benefit of being rent-free. If you’re purchasing less than a 75% share, a subsidised rent will be payable. For example, if a 60% share is purchased, rent is payable on the 15% share, with the remaining 25% share being rent-free.

Am I eligible?

You need to be 55 years or older; not own any property at the time of legally completing your Bankhouse purchase; no longer be in lifetime employment; and meet our financial requirements. There are other conditions if you have care and support needs due to disability or mental health needs – to find out more, click here. (contacts page)

Clear and open service charges

Our monthly service charges are completely transparent, so you won’t get any unforeseen surprises. There’s a standard service charge to cover maintenance of the building and communal area as well as the core support services, which are available to all residents. Our menu of assisted living services is individually priced, so you can choose them as you need them.

Bankhouse Key Facts 2019 / 2020 Shared Ownership

Bankhouse Event Fee Disclosure

Shared Ownership Example Calculator Apartment 50

Full market price



These are examples of shared ownership purchase percentages. Please contact us to discuss other options.

Shared ownership at


Purchase price

£ 200000

Shared ownership at


Purchase price

£ 400000

Shared ownership at


Purchase price

£ 600000

Apartments available now

Take a look at our stunning shared ownership apartments here at Bankhouse on the Thames. Discover how our assisted living options let you find you again.


Event Fee

To help reduce your monthly outgoings, Bankhouse’s management team and support services are paid from a percentage of the proceeds when you sell your Bankhouse apartment. This is called an ‘Event Fee’. Please make an appointment or call us on 020 8821 4841 to find out what these are. Your contribution to Bankhouse’s long term building maintenance is also covered by the Event Fee.

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Season is part of One Housing, a leading provider of housing, care and support across London and the south east. Want to know more about us? Click here for one of our brochures. Season, as a part of One Housing, is a member of ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators).


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Launched in 2015, the ARCO Consumer Code sets standards for the retirement community sector.