Find a new perspective with support and services

As we grow older, most of us would like to stay living in our own home for as long as possible.

At Bankhouse, we understand this and have thought of everything you need to live comfortably and enjoy life at your new Bankhouse Apartment, with all the flexible support and care you need on hand. Living at Bankhouse is all about letting you focus on spending more enjoyable time with your family, and finding a more confident, happier you.

The elegant design of Bankhouse’s communal areas have been carefully considered for you to enjoy. With doors that open out onto a floating terrace garden, our restaurant is a lovely place to enjoy a meal.  There’s a club lounge, where you can catch up with friends and neighbours for a drink or join in on one of our fun social activities. There’s free Wi-Fi, too, which means you can stay in touch with family and friends easily.

We're here to help

Moving home in later life can be challenging, not to mention time consuming. We’re here to help. Let us take the worry out of organising your move. Let’s make this your best move yet.


All the services you’ll need as you age

Ageing can often bring with it the feeling that our day to day care needs are becoming more prominent than ourselves. That can make us feel less visible, and at Bankhouse we understand this.

We have a flexible approach to services and care that lets you personalise the level of support you receive. Our on-site team of qualified professionals will make sure that your healthcare, social, and housekeeping needs are taken care of. There’s no more worry about the laundry or cleaning, or regular meals. All of this support means you can get back to being you again – free to enjoy life and quality time with your family and friends.


Our services and support

Our bespoke services package can be adapted to your requirements to help you enjoy everything Bankhouse has to offer. Choose from a menu of support and assisted living services knowing you can add or remove them as your needs change.

Whether you want help around the house, extra support when you’re convalescing, or looking for longer-term 24-hour care, our trained on-site team is here for you.

Support services

Our convenient, first-class support services offer real peace of mind to you and your family. An on-site management team offers:

  • Care and support 24 hours a day
  • Care co-ordination and liaison
  • Emergency response, support and reactive care
  • Liaison with family members
  • Collection and ordering of medication
  • Health and safety checks
  • Daily wellbeing checks
  • Co-ordinating assistive technology to maximise your wellbeing
  • Resettlement and transition from hospital or registered care
  • Engaging social activities schedule
  • Assistance with attending social activities, whether it’s within or outside Bankhouse
  • Registration with GPs, dentist and other medical professionals
  • Assistance with paying your utility bills
  • Monitoring the standards and compliance of care and support services provided
  • 3-year Car Club membership.

Assisted living services

Enjoy the support of our on-site team dedicated to making sure your social needs and health requirements are met. At this time of your life, who needs to worry about the laundry or the cleaning? And isn’t it nice to know that there are caring people here to help you feel more like you again?

See what a wonderful range of assisted living services we offer, so you can spend more time enjoying life.


For the practical day to day things, we can:

  • Clean and do your housework
  • Make up your bed with fresh linen
  • Do your laundry
  • Pick up your groceries, and other shopping
  • Pay your bills
  • Look after your pet
  • Hold onto your spare sets of keys

Personal care

When it comes to looking after you, we’ll help you:

  • Get out of bed in the mornings
  • Get dressed and do your hair
  • Shower or bathe
  • Take care of your dental hygiene
  • With hearing and sight aids
  • Settle into bed at night
  • If you wake up during the night
  • Take the correct medication at the correct times
  • Get back on the path to wellness after injury or illness
  • Prepare light meals and snacks
  • To be independent with personal care via encouragement
  • Move from chairs, wheelchairs and beds.

Social interaction

At Bankhouse, you need never feel alone. We’ll do all we can to help you enjoy being with others by:

  • Encouraging you to attend social activities
  • Helping to arrange your social activities
  • Escorting you when you need help to get somewhere
  • Offering you companionship
  • Enabling communication
  • Supporting your wellbeing
  • Helping you maintain contact with others, particularly family and friends.

Services may change and are subject to terms and conditions.

Your Exclusive Visit to Bankhouse Afternoon

If you are interested in Bankhouse and wish to find out how Assisted Living and Shared Ownership really works, don't miss the opportunity to book an exclusive visit for you and your family. To book, you’ll need to call Bankhouse on 020 8821 4841 or email